Monday, January 18, 2010


We had our last baby appointment last Friday--January 8th. We are so lucky--Dr. Wiley has let me have a sonogram every visit so far! I just love to look at Peanut! We went this last time in hopes that maybe we could tell if we were having a boy or girl. Too bad baby had his/her legs criss cross the entire time! No such luck on knowing whether to paint pink or blue! Last time Peanut couldn't keep still. Not this time of course--just sitting there snug as a bug sleeping. Of course I have to look at all the wive's tales to see what I think it will be when we go again on February 4th (18 days, yes I am counting down!).

So far heartrate says girl. The first time was 156, then 155, and now 148. Supposedly anything above 140 is girl. The legs being crossed for the sonogram is a girl thing. I can't really tell if I am carrying high or low. My mom says I'm just getting round, not basketball-like at all which is supposed to be a girl thing too. I just can't get past the fact that since day one I have thought it was going to be a boy. So mother's intuition, which is normally right, says boy. Then the Chinese gender test also says boy. I secretly want a little girl to put bows in her hair and dress her up like the little princess she would be. But I know I interact better with little boys--heaven knows I love my nephews!

Either way we will be thrilled and my mom and I have plans to go register that Thursday as soon as we find out! I think I have narrowed down bedding choices. I think a lot of people buy their bedding on their own so the room can be set up. Not sure what to do on that one although I do already have $50 towards Babies R' Us, so maybe I will go ahead and use that towards bedding.

I have been searching Craigslist for a few items. I found several Walmart gliders for about $50. They are regularly about $100. I've also been looking at breast pumps. The brand new hands free one I really want is over $300 brand new! If I can get one on Craigslist or EBay then I can just sterilize or buy brand new attachments. I am also looking for a cherry changing table to match our crib and dresser that my sister-in-law Lendy so graciously let us have for Peanut. I know technically it's not necessary, but I want the option, plus the extra storage space it would provide.

So many things to think about and buy! I can't believe in about 5 short months our precious angel will be here!

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  1. you look great! i can't wait to meet this little person!!!